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The Participants have already completed the REGISTRATION process in order to participate in LxMarket’s events, have received their Approval and have Accepted the General Application Conditions and this Regulation.


The current price list is as follows:
a) 2 square meters Module € 36,59
b) 2 square meters Module with  table € 40,65
(Excluding VAT at current Tax)
In the cases when the Participant does not present payment using the provided means to do so until the Thursday right before the market day, and opts by paying in cash directly at the Check-in spot on the day of the event, an extra amount of 8,13€ + VAT/module will be included in the final invoice.


After the Registration has been Approved by LxMarket, Participants must Apply in the form available at for the open event (s).
As a rule, only registrations made until Thursday will be considered for Participation on Sunday the closest. If the maximum capacity of the venue is reached, the Management will close the Applications for this event.
The approved Applications will be confirmed via email, including the ATM references for payment of services.
Applications are only considered valid after payment has been made.


The Management members present at the event will be duly identified, and the Participants agree to cooperate with their instructions in accordance with the General Application Conditions and the Regulations accepted by them, as well as in matters in which these are omitted.
Failure to comply with the Applicable Rules and the instructions of the Management may lead to the expulsion of the Participant from the event, or its definitive elimination of all future events, without the right to any refund or compensation, without prejudice to any civil or criminal legal proceedings t him/her instituted.


The Check-in is made with a member of the Management, duly identified, upon arrival.
Setting up from 8am until 9:45am
Running from 10am until 7pm
Dismantling until 8pm
Setting up from 8am until 9.45am
Running from 10am until 6pm
Dismantling until 7pm


The Participants should go to the Check-in spot, even those who don’t require tables. The Check-in will always close 15 minutes prior do the opening time of the Market, regardless of the operating timetable.
The Participants must show the ATM payment reference to the Organization Members at the event Check-in point. If for some reason. you canno't proceed with the ATM payment using the references we send via email, you may exceptionally present payment in cash at the Check-in point on the day of the event. 
Upon completion of the check-in, in specific events you can be given an identifying element of the event that should be kept visible during all times.


The Stalls must be fully set at the Market’s opening time.
Participants who rent tables must return them back at the end of the market following staff instrucions.
Dismantling must be done after the market closes, never before.


The spaces will be occupied by order of arrival.
The Management team can reserve fun and entertainment spaces for activities that are planned in the events.
Each participant is responsible for setting up their own Stall in the reserved Module for the event.
The space to be occupied by each module corresponds to about 2 square meters. The maximum interval allowed in between Modules is 1 meter.
Markets will be held outdoors in LxFactory’s Carpark. Whenever the weather forecast doesn't allow outdoor events we will previously book FÁBRICA XL (the big warehouse of LxFactory), which is subject to the room's availability. In exceptional cases and situations of major force, the event may occur in a different location.
The placement of the Stalls cannot prevent access to existing spaces in the LxFactory. Participants who place their Stall in a disallowed place, will have to dismantle it and set it up again in the places still available for this purpose.


There is no refund of registration fees. In case of cancellation by the Management, which may happen for reasons of major force, or if weather conditions so advise, validated Applications will be credited for other market, within the period of one month.
The cancellation can be communicated until the last day before the market, or, in extreme case and in case of unexpected forecast changes, on the market day itself.


The exterior lighting is the existent at LxFactory. Participants can bring their own lighting that
doesn’t dependent on electric current.
There will be no electric current to support the Stalls.


All participants will be able to access the venue with their vehicle according to the rules in
force at LxFactory.
Participants may ONLY have cars stopped to unload / load their items during the stipulated mounting or dismounting time. After this operation, the vehicles will have to leave the event’s venue.


The LxMarket team undertakes to publicize the events through the media and marketing platforms that it considers appropriate.
Whenever possible, publicity tools will be made available to Participants, such as direct marketing, and social media campaigns.


Participants are required to have all the necessary documents and licenses for their activity at the event. The specific information must be requested to the respective Accountants and consulted at the portuguese websites and at (look by "feirante" (“market seller”).
LxMarket will have up-to-date the licenses that are required by Law and by Lisbon’s Council (CML).
LxMarket will have an event liability insurance active.


There is an ATM at LxFactory’s entrance.
Participants may have their own Visa and ATM payment terminals.
Some of LxFactory's cafes and restaurants will be opened on their own initiative.
The sanitary facilities available are at the entrance of LxFactory in the building of the Cantina, in Café da Fábrica, in Building I in the corridor of the Organii / Landeau Chocolate, and next to the Southern car park.
General Conditions


a) LxMarket is organized by Just Trendy, Lda. Located at Rua Rodrigues Faria, no 103, Edifício 1, Espaço 1.03 - 1300-501 LISBOA, also designated in these General Conditions by Organization.

b) If any unforeseen situatons or major force evens stop an LxMarket from happening, delay its opening, cause changes in its schedule or require changes to the General Conditions, the Participant may not claim any compensation.

c) In the case of an LxMarket event not being held, the Participant will only be entitled to a free registration within three months.


a) LxMarket’s main objective is to enable its Participants to sell their articles on the markets.

b) Registered Participants may also publicize their products on the LxMarket website.




a) The Management considers Participant the person (over 16 years) or company whose
registration and application to the event were accepted, and the payment made.
The criteria for acceptance of REGISTRATION and APPLICATION are the sole responsibility of the Management.
b) The deadline for applications is the one stated in the Regulations of the respective event, and failure to comply with this limit implies non-acceptance of the application by the Management, unless otherwise stated in writing form.
C) The Management reserves the right of non-admission if the products or methods of exposure proposed by the Participants do not fit LxMarket’s criteria. Examples of censored practices:
* Sale and display of poor quality products, or products that don’t fit the concept
* Handwritten price list, or handwritten price tags
* Oversized Tents / awnings (larger than 2 square meters)
* Mixed products from different categories in the same stall
* Products placed directly on the floor
* Coloured sun hats or tents/awnings, and /or with Brand logos (confirm with the MANAGEMENT)
* Exposure of the product in a messy or unappealing way
* Edible products (they are not allowed).
d) The Management reserves the right of non-admission if the previous reasons that led to the selection of a Participant no longer exist, or whose participants have violated the rules of Participation.
e) These General Conditions apply to any edition, regardless of the place where the event is held, and when subscribing them, the Participant must be aware of this fact.
f) Participants with approved Registration may publicize their articles on the LxMarket website by completing the online form and accepting the weekly price informed on the site. The first page highlights’ criteria of choice are the sole responsibility of the Management.


a) The Management reserves the right to change the events’ location without any kind of compensation.
b) It is the responsibility of the Management to establish the prices of spaces and the rules to ensure the proper running of the event, namely those included in the Regulation available at
c) The Management shall take the appropriate measures for the established standards’ implementation and may, for this purpose, draw up additional actions as it deems necessary.


A) To make a space reservation in an event, the Participant must fill in the respective Registration Form at the site, following the specific Regulations.
B) Payment can be made using the ATM references that are provided, or the alternative means of payment communicated.
C) If the subscription paid by the Participant is not used on the day of the event, the Organization shall have the right to dispose of it without any right to compensation.
D) There are no refunds of the Registration’s amount, in any case, unless exceptionally decided by the Management.


a) Each Participant is responsible for setting up its own Stalls according to the Regulations of each event, and according to the Management's instructions at the event site.


a) The Participant may only sell in his/her space the products that he/she mentioned in his/her REGISTRATION, never being able to share the space with another non- Participant (person or company that hasn’t gone through the Registration and Application process).
By share, we mean any type of presence in the space, whether in the form of sales, business cards, brochures, leaflets, or other advertising or communication material. The participation of groups of friends is allowed, but has a single responsible for the contractual relationship with LxMarket - the registered Participant.
The Participant is also allowed to have escorts and assistants in the space during the period of sale of the market, and in the mounting and dismounting operations.
b) The Module opening time must mandatorily aligned with the opening hours of the event to the Public.
c) The space shall remain on sale during the operation times of the event.


a) The necessary equipment for the stall’s display is at the Participant’s charge.
b) Disposal of products from sale must respect the rented Modules.
c) The spaces are 2 meters long x 2 meters wide, and 2.50 meters high, and cannot be overpassed with structures, hangers, merchandise or any other objects.
D) The maximum distance between the Participant’s Modules is 1 meter.
D) Any exposed object that disturbs the proper running of the event must be removed immediately if the Organization requests so.


a) All articles must be visible, identified, and priced properly.




a) The lighting is the one existing at the event’s place.
b) The Management will not provide electric plugs to the stalls.
c) Participants may use their own lighting, as long as it does not depend on electricity, and does not put the venue at risk.


a) All Participants are required to make their respective Accreditation at the event’s day. No Participant will be allowed to remain in the venue without the corresponding proof document.




a) The Stalls must be completely mounted by the opening time of the event. The Check-in office will close 15 minutes prior to the opening time of the Market.
b) The Participants are liable for damages and losses that may occur due to crime, theft, vandalism, deterioration of products, or any other fact that does not result from an act or omission of the Management.
c) The Stalls can only be dismantled after the closing time of the event.
d) At the end of the event, the Participants must dismantle their Stalls and, if it’s the case, deliver the leased materials to the place where they were initially.


a) The Management does not provide Parking spaces, and the access for loading and unloading the Modules are those defined in the Regulations, in specific communications of each event, and according to instructions of the Management in the place.




a) The Management shall disclose the events through the means of Marketing and Communication that it founds appropriate.
b) The Management reserves the right to photograph or film the Stalls and products displayed for the record, or for advertising purposes.
C) Participants may also disclose their presence at events. In case this publicity is offensive or contrary to the Management’s interests or criteria, it should be immediately suspended by the Participant.


a) The Participant is obliged to possess all the documents, to obtain the licenses, and to respect the mandatory legal procedures for his/her Sales activity in a public space.
No responsibility for its activity may be attributed to the Management.
b) The legitimacy of the exposed products and its compliance with the Law is at the Participant’s charge.
c) Any damages or losses that may happen to the Participant himself/herself, to his/her STAFF, or to the articles exposed, regardless of the facts that gave origin to it, namely fire, vandalism or theft, are the sole responsibility of the Participant.
d) The Participant is responsible for damages or losses he/she may cause, directly or indirectly, in the venue or in the products /spaces of other Participants.
e) After the event closes, the Participant must deliver the material that he/she has rented in the same conservation state in which it was assigned, safeguarding the normal use of it, leave the space clean, and collect its own rubbish.
g) The Participant is responsible for the surveillance and security of his own space, including the safety of the exposed materials and products.


a) In case of disrespect to these General Conditions, the Management may take action as it deems appropriate, including the cancellation of the Participant's rights, without it being able to demand any compensation or reimbursement of the amounts paid.
b) In case of an infraction that is considered serious by the Management, and detected during the event, the Management may order the closure of the Stall and even definitively prevent the offender from participating in future events, without denunciation prejudice to the competent authorities.


a) The rules of these General Application Conditions are accepted by the Participant in the act of their REGISTRATION, and are applicable to the relations established between those (their STAFF and subcontractors) and Just Trendy, Lda.